Our Story

Best Hydrate comes from wanting better options.

Its conception was fueled by me looking for answers when I almost wasted away to nothing. After months of hospitalizations a chronic disease was diagnosed and life-long drug therapy was required due to the severity.

The expected major, life-long side effects of the drug were a concern.

But a dietician's recommendation to try Oral Rehydration Solutions (ORS), provided a better outlook. ORS has been shown to promote and maintain electrolyte balance in dehydrated persons. Unfortunately, the current solutions were meant for acute symptoms not long-term ones.

So began the journey of self-testing various formulas to come up with a solution that could be taken on a daily basis and still taste great!

I tested the solution when I started biologics from a very weakened state and, much to the surprise of many, I suffered little to no side effects.

More importantly, I have been able to return to my normal eating habits (spicy food and I can even tolerate milk now) and stay in remission.

After my personal success, family and friends expressed their own personal ailments and offered to try the solution. With promising benefits and results we knew we had a solution that could foster other's health journeys!


So now here we are, 3 years later!

An Alberta grass roots company founded on simple, tasty, research-based hydration.

Excited and dedicated to not being another overly sugary, fluffy and complicated electrolyte drink but one that is more than just a quick fix. With only 6 ingredients, Best Hydrate is optimally balanced and designed for the BEST in Hydration. It hydrates you throughout the day without the spikes and drops from other products' excess sugars.

We are committed to being transparent, open and honest.

All of our ingredients are naturally sourced and Non-GMO.

Best Hydrate is mixed and packaged in Edmonton, Alberta.